Sunday, September 11, 2011

Badiangon Cold Spring Beach Resort

These water pipes are connected underneath this water bed and from it comes the refreshing mountain cold spring water 

Malayo ang tingin...wala namang tinatanaw. Hehehehe, emote lang..

Awesome threesome: Tatay Rudy, Nanay Rosie and Rhon

You can see from here how shallow the water is coz its already 4PM

Floating cottages lined up with the marshes. The wooden support of these cottages can be visible during low tide at late afternoons. And during low tide, you can go walk as far as you can in the middle of the beach, so shallow that you can walk a mile from the shore to the middle with knee-deep water only. Amazing!

Wondering why there is a mini stairway here? It used to be part of a cottage about 20 years ago which got washed out by fierce waves during a raging storm. And only this staircase survived it. That's according to Tatay Rudy.

The Oblation ba 'to???

Photo opt at the marsh.

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