Friday, November 1, 2013

Napol and I: From then til now....

Skype Moment with my Nappy

At Minerva Farms

 Movie Time with Nap: When the Love is Gone

While we were sleeping

 At the New World Hotel, Makati during Nap's Convention

 Movie time with Nap: Hunger Games Catching Fire

 Chillin' at Bar ni Mokong

Early morning skype with Nap, and he really liked my SHOW, hehehehe

Our first Meeting

 At the 18th Birthday of Nap's student

 Late Dinner after Mr. and Ms. STI

 At Nap's Office, last photo opt before I leave for Clark

 With Yawyaw and Fheony, Nap's first visit at our place in Cubao

Movie Date with my Nappy: Momzillas

 It was indeed a Happy Birthday for me since he came by surprise

 Tuna Pizza, Waldorf Salad and Fettuccine Alfredo for our special date

 Heating things up

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