Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Video Chat

Had our first video chat about 3 hours ago. It felt so different to have this set-up and doing it for the very first time. I miss Rhon so bad that I wanted to really make the most of that time, kaso andito si Baby Shawn, so untimely when we really wanted to spend some quality time together. Her mom left him for 3 hours and damn he never stopped crying. I felt like it was so unfair for me and Rhon but what can I do...for the longest time Rhon just stared at his cam but not being able to see me on the other line. We still had a good chat though. He cried a few tears upon seeing me, while I forbade myself in doing the same thing, kasi mas malulungkot lang siya. We'll still catch up tomorrow, and I cant contain my excitement and longing for that moment. God I miss him so much...

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